How easy is it to install?

AirCut retrofits into any pneumatically supplied pump system utilising an Air Control Solenoid and Air-Block Valves connected to each pump within your system.  The easy to use timer fitted to a mains supply will automatically isolate the air supply to your pumps at the pre-set time without any need for manual operation.

I've never had an oil spill, why do I need AirCut?

The pipes and hoses in your system are constantly under pressure unless the air supply is manually switched off.  If a pipe or hose was to burst under pressure this could empty the contents of any oil or liquid in your tanks, meaning a potential disruption to work and an expensive cleaning bill.  AirCut isolates the air to your pumps which prevents your pumps from operating, with an easy override option if you like to work some overtime!

What comes in the kit?

The AirCut system comprises of –

  • Timer Control Box – mounted in a convenient location to a mains power supply, this controls the times when dispensing is allowed and visually indicates when the system is running
  • Air Solenoid Control – fitted near the pumps
  • Air-Block Valve – 1 to be fitted to each pump

How can I order AirCut?

Please contact one of our knowledgable team either by phone on 01992 452960, email direct to or simply click here and fill in the details

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