PL37714 – Badger 1/2″ Digital Oil Gun


Our most popular digitally metered oil control valve from Badger comes complete with a 30º flexible terminal and semiautomatic drip catching nozzle.


This digital counter oil control valve has a max flow rate of 35 l/min at a maximum pressure of 100 bar, supplied with the LM OG meter range.


This meter is designed for petroleum based products, and if used in any other application may result in inaccuracy and possible meter failure.

It is important that fluids are properly filtered before entering the meter as foreign particles may also cause inaccuracy or meter failure.


Size DN ½”
Flow range 1 – 35 l/min
Accuracy ± 0.5%
Viscosity 8 – 5000 mPas
Nominal pressure PN 100 bar
Operational pressure min 0.35 bar
Operational temperature -10 – +50ºC
Display LCD, 5 digits
Protection class IP67

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