Raasm Mobile Grease Dispensers with Compact 2 Wheel Trolley

Mobile grease dispenser kits, the ideal complete solution for dispensing grease from 50-60kg drums.  The easy to handle trolley comes complete with 2 fixed wheels and a pump support.


Dispensers come with a Series 600 50:1 pump, which is capable of 1500 g/min, and the option with or without a follower plate.

All parts that are available to be purchased separately can be accessed by clicking on the relevant part number.

Part RL64040 RL64041 RL64037 RLE64038
Ratio 50:1 50:1 50:1 50:1
Flow rate 1500 g/min 1500 g/min 1500 g/min 1500 g/min
For drums with internal

from 370-420mm

from 340-385mm

Pump RL62074 RL62074 RL62074 RL62074
Trolley RL80035 RL80035 RL80035 RL80035
Delivery hose RL91403 RL91403 RL91403 RL91404
Gun RL66888 RL66888 RL66888 RL66888
Drum cover RL65420 RL65420 RL65385 RL65385
Follower plate RL66400 RL66370
Nipple RL01438 RL01438 RL01438 RL01438
Packing 3 boxes – 0.048m³ 3 boxes – 0.048m³ 3 boxes – 0.048m³ 3 boxes – 0.048m³
Weight 19kg 22kg 18kg 20kg
Dimensions 44 x 39.5 x 106cm 44 x 39.5 x 106cm 44 x 39.5 x 106cm 44 x 39.5 x 106cm

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