RL42070 – Raasm Floor Drainer 50 litre


Wheel-mounted floor waste oil drainers.  Suitable for gravity draining of engine, gearbox and differential oil from all motor vehicles.  Equipped with an antisplash screen which can be used as a support for draining oil filters.


The drained oil can be transferred from the collection bowl to the storage tank by suction with the incorporated probe or by an emptying pump connected to the fixed system or mounted directly on the collection basin.

Caution: do not use with flammable or corrosive liquids.

Tank capacity 50 litres
Wheels 4 castors
Emptying By suction
Equipped with junction tube
Packing 1 box – 0.140m³
Weight 21kg
Dimensions (A-B-C-D) 63cm x 66cm x 23.5cm x 78cm

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