RL42055 – Raasm Pit Drainer 150 litre


Pit waste oil drainers.  Suitable for gravity draining of engine, gearbox and differential oil from all motor vehicles placed on a pit.  Equipped with an antisplash screen which can be used as a support for draining oil filters.


The drained oil can be transferred from the collection bowl to the storage tank by using an emptying pump connected to the fixed system.

Caution: do not use with flammable or corrosive liquids.

Tank capacity 150 litres
Wheels Adjustable carriage
Emptying By suction
Equipped with quick-release connector
Packing 1 box – 0.270m³
Weight 53.5kg
Dimensions (A-B-C) 63.5cm x 79cm x 35.7cm
Maximum extension on runners (D-E) 84-125cm

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