RL10805 – Raasm Brake & Clutch Bleeder 3 Chamber


An easy to use air-operated three chamber brake bleeding device, suitable for bleeding the hydraulic brakes and clutches of most motor vehicles.  Bleeding can be carried out in a few minutes by one person and is also suitable for use with braking control and ABS systems (max 1 bar)


Tank capacity 5 litres
Set of plugs RL11001
Clutch bleeding tube RL10802
Max working pressure 2 bar
Tank max pressure 10 bar
Delivery hose length 3mtr
Safety valve 10 bar
Packing 1 box – 0,065m³
Weight 11.2kg
Dimensions (A-B-C) 45cm x 25cm x 65cm

Braking System Bleeding Phase


3 Chamber Operation


Truck Clutch System Bleeding Phase


The brake bleeding unit is equipped with an elastic inner membrane (2) which separates the oil in the oil tank (1) from the air tank (5). therefore avoiding emulsion.  It is also equipped with a third high pressure 8-10 bar air reserve tank (6) which, when used with a pressure regulator (3), enables several bleeds to be carried out at a constant pressure.

The oil tank (4) filler cap is equipped with an indicator that signals when the fluid is finishing and an air venting valve which is used in the device activation phase.



Procedures for applying the connection plugs


Before bleeding it is important to fill the brake fluid reservoir using the quick release connector


The extended nozzle of the plug must be immersed in the fluid to avoid sprays or air and oil emulsions


Connect the brake bleeding unit to the reservoir by using the quick release connector

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