RL70365 – Raasm Washing Tank


Universal washing tank for quick and easy cleaning of mechanical parts and components.  Using a low pressure pneumatic system allows two options for washing –

  • brush washing with a continous flow of liquid detergent
  • dip washing with the parts placed in the tank filled with liquid detergent


Tank capacity 65 litres
Washing tank capacity 50 litres
Max working pressure 0.5 bar
Required quantity of liquid 50 litres
Max blow gun pressure 12 bar
Packing 2 boxes – 0.290m³
Weight 47.1kg
Dimensions (A-B-C) 51cm x 67cm x 107cm

Caution: do not use corrosive liquids that can give off toxic or harmful fumes and that has flashpoint of below 55ºC

Please only use specific chemical products for washing mechanical parts according to the manufacturers instructions

Washing Basin

Add between 48-52 litres of detergent for the correct use of the washer
Complete with decanting filter

Tank Controls

Brush or dip wash can be selected

Cleaning options

Dip washing with parts placed in the tank



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