Raasm Mobile Oil Dispensers 180-220kg – Standard Trolley

Standard mobile oil dispenser unit, the ideal combination for dispensing oil in any workplace.  The very easy to handle trolley is equipped with a drum clamping device, adjustable side support for stowing accessories and a brake.  This unit comes with a length of 3mtrs of hose and a digital hose end meter.


Dispensers come with either a Series 500, 600 or 650 pump, which vary in both Ratio and Flow Rate.

All parts that are available to be purchased separately can be accessed by clicking on the relevant part number.

Part RL35415 RL35425 RL37095
Ratio 3:1 3:1 5:1
Flow Rate 20 l/min 14 l/min 18 l/min
Pump RL35094 RL35194 RL36094
Trolley RL80210 RL80210 RL80210
Bung adaptor RL38046 RL38042 RL38042
Nipple RL01212/D RL01212/D RL01212/D
Digital meter PL37714 PL37714 PL37714
Hose RL91203 RL91203 RL91203
Packing 3 boxes – 0.246m³ 3 boxes – 0.246m³ 3 boxes – 0.246m³
Weight 35.8kg 37.3kg 37.4kg
Dimensions 90 x 77 x 133cm 90 x 77 x 128.5cm 90 x 77 x 134.5cm

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