RL32024 – Raasm Double-Acting Mobile Oil Pump 24 litre


Manual pump for oil and allied products.  Double-acting complete with NBR seals.  The telescopic suction tube enables direct application on containers of different capacities.  Suitable for delivering low-viscosity oil.

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Seals NBR
Tank Capacity 24 litre
Delivery hose length 2mtrs
Quantity delivered for complete cycle of lever 220g
Maximum oil density delivered 240 SAE
Antisplash funnel RL24891
Packing 1 box – 0.090m³
Weight 13.7kg
Dimensions (A-B-C) 28cm x 33cm x 89cm

Caution: do not use with flammable or corrosive liquids

Hooking Position Pumping Shaft Stroke Ratio obtainable Delivery capacity with complete cycle Types of oil that can be delivered
No. 3 127mm 1 : 2,2 220g SAE W 80/90
No. 2 100mm 1 : 3,6 170g SAE W 85/140
No. 1 60mm 1 : 6,9 100g SAE 240

The position of lever pivot can be varied to adapt the pumping force to the viscosity of the oil used.

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