Raasm Wall Mounted Oil Bar

These oil bars are ideal for dispensing various oils, antifreeze and similar liquids.  With a maximum of 3 taps and 3 digital litre counters possible it gives a fully customisable solution for the quick and easy dispensing of oil.  Comes complete with an easy to clean, removable drip tray and a hard wearing support grid.


Below is the available options that can be purchased as a complete set

If you require a different combination of taps and digital litre counter meters please enquire for price and availability

Part RL37690 RL37689 RL37688 RL37691 RL37687 RL37686
Tap for oil bar 1 x RL37692 2 x RL37692 3 x RL37692 1 x RL37692 2 x RL37692 3 x RL37692
Digital litre counter kit 1 x RL37830 2 x RL37830 3 x RL37830
Packing 1 box – 0.136m³ 1 box – 0.136m³ 1 box – 0.136m³ 1 box – 0.136m³ 1 box – 0.136m³ 1 box – 0.136m³
Weight 23.8kg 25kg 26.2kg 25kg 26.5kg 28kg
Dimensions (A-B-C-D) 67cm x 44cm x 56cm x 46cm 67cm x 44cm x 56cm x 46cm

Example of Installation with Hose

An example of the installation of an oil bar with three service connected by hoses to the feeder pumps.  This type of connection is only recommended for short distances.  After the air is connected to the pump, by operating the tap handle it will always be ready to use.

Example of Installation to a Fixed System

An example of an installation to a fixed system with the oil bar connected to a centralised system by means of a 1mtr hose

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