Raasm Series 900-1200 Industrial Grease Follower Plates for ?45mm Suction Tube

These follower plates can be used with the 45:1, 70:1 and 75:1 industrial pumps, assisting in the smooth and clean delivery of grease.


Part RL10/60 RL10/61 RL10/62
Follower plate ∅ 370mm 400mm 585mm
Internal drum ∅




Suitable drum size 50kg 60kg 180-220kg

Details and advantages

The follower plate is always recommended, however it becomes indispensible when using extremely hard greases.  It is pulled towards the bottom of the drum by the vacuum created by the pump and ensures the following advantages:

  • compressing the grease preventing air pockets from forming and potential cavatation of the pump
  • keeps greases clean and preserves it’s characteristics
  • enables collection of all the grease making it more cost efficient and reducing waste

Without Follower Plate


With Follower Plate


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