RL45560 – Raasm Standard Probe Series


All the waste oil suction drainers used for changing engine oil come with a series of standard metal and flexible probes in addition to connections for engines with incorporated probes.


The RL45560 kit consist of:

  • RL45504 flexible probe      ∅5mm – length 700mm
  • RL45505 rigid probe           ∅5mm – length 700mm
  • RL45506 flexible probe      ∅6mm – length 700mm
  • RL45516 rigid probe           ∅6mm – length 700mm
  • RL45517 flexible probe      ∅7mm – length 1000mm
  • RL45518 flexible probe      ∅8mm – length 700mm

The quick-release connector of the oil drainers fitted as standard is ∅16mm which connects directly to Mercedes cars, with the additional connectors below supplied as part of the kit:

  • RL45500 – connection for incorporated probes Volkswagen (∅10mm)
  • RL45501 – connection for incorporated probes BMW (∅12.5mm)
  • RL45502 – connection for incorporated probes Citreon (∅14mm)


Note: the probes can be supplied separately if required

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