RL10/80 – Raasm Air-Operated Pump Elevator


Pump elevators are raised by compressed air via the side mounted 3 way valve allowing to change the drum easily and efficiently.

*Note – the single column elevator can be supplied with or without the base plate if required.


Columns 1
Suitable for drums 180-220kg
Working temperature +2ºC +40ºC
Max pressure 8 bar
Usable pumps Series 600-700-1200-1500-1800
Noise level Variable (<70dB)
Pushing force (upwards) *4 bar – 113kg   6 bar – 170kg   8 bar – 226kg
Packing 1 box – 1.165m³
Weight 97kg
Height max/min (A-B) 271.5cm x 171.5cm
Dimensions (C-D) 14cm x 25.5cm

*Note – values given are theoretical, friction is not within calculation

Details and Advantages

All elevators are equipped with 2 standard brackets (A-B) suitable for mounting all our industrial pumps.

Fluid distribution system fed by a pump mounted on the drum in a fixed station using a spray gun

Automated system for the delivery of preselected quantities of fluids, fed by a pump mounted on a drum, either single or twin column

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