Raasm Series 120-PPB 1/2″ 65 l/min Polypropylene Diaphragm Pumps

These diaphragm pumps made entirely of polypropylene are designed to work in aggressive work atmospheres with a wide range of fluids, including high viscosities and containing suspended solids.  In particular, these pumps can be used to transfer corrosive or aqueous fluids and the seats are made from stainless steel AISI 316 and polypropylene.


* With a PTFE membrane the flow rate is 10% lower

** Displacement per cycle may be influenced by suction lift, fluid viscosity, air pressure or number of cycles per minute

*** The materials in contact with the fluid can restrict the pump working temperature

Series 120-PPB with multi-ported inlet/outlet
Membranes Balls Seats Part No.
EPDM Acetal Polypropylene & AISI 316 2A3/1677EA5
Hytrel® Hytrel® Polypropylene & AISI 316 2A3/1677HH5
NBR Hytrel® Polypropylene & AISI 316 2A3/1677NH5
Santoprene™ Santoprene™ Polypropylene & AISI 316 2A3/1677SS5
PTFE + Hytrel® PTFE Polypropylene & AISI 316 2A3/1677TT5
Maximum pressure 8 bar
Maximum cycles 350 cpm
Litres per cycle ** 0.188 litres
Maximum suction lift dry column – 4.5mtr / wet column – 7.5mtr
Maximum size pumpable solids 1.5mm
Maximum working temperature *** 65ºC
Noise level 76 dB
Maximum air consumption 0.89 m³/min
Air working pressure 2-6 bar
Air inlet connection F 3/8″ G BSP
Air outlet connection (muffler) F ¾” G BSP
Fluid inlet connection F ¾” G BSP (F 1″ G BSP for drum fitting)
Fluid outlet connection F ½” G BSP
Overall dimensions (A x B x C x D x E) 208 x 220 x 326 x 145 x 100mm
Screws for pump fixing M8
Packing / Weight 1 box – 0.02m³ / 5.8kg

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