RL60280 – Raasm Portable High Pressure Grease Pump


Portable lever-operated manual grease pump.  Practical and functional, it can be used in all workplaces, and in particular on rough ground such as in farming or building sites.  It enables easy changing of the grease container (drum or bucket) and quick greasing on any motor vehicle or mechanism.  It is equipped with a grease follower plate that protects the lubricant and ensures positive priming.


Suitable for drums 12-20kg
For drums with external ∅ from 240-280mm
Delivery hose length 2.5mtrs – ¼”
Maximum outlet pressure 350/400 bar
Capacity every 10 cycles of lever 60g
Drum cover ∅ 280mm
Grease follower plate 265mm
Grease coupler 4 jaw with antisplash valve
Packing 1 box – 0.022m³
Weight 5.4kg
Dimensions (A-B-C) 63cm x 28cm x 35cm

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