RL43090 – Raasm Standard Suction Drainer 90 litre


Ideal for quick engine oil change of any motor vehicle. Waste oil can be collected by suction through the supplied probes.  After depressurisation the drainer works independently without requiring continuous connection to the compressed air system.  Suck hot oil at 70-80°C.


Tank capacity 90 litres
Max draining capacity 75 litres
Air pressure for depressurisation 6.5-7 bar
Depressurisation time 2.5-3 min
Noise level 75dB
Suction speed 1.5-2 litre per min
Total suction capacity 60-65 litre
Discharging / suction hose 2 mtr / 2 mtr
Max pressure for draining 0.5 bar
Set of probes RL45560
Packing 2 boxes – 0.250m³
Weight 31.4kg
Dimensions (A-B-C) 64cm x 42cm x 100cm

Caution: do not suck brake fluids, fuels, flammable or corrosive liquids

Draining via the supplied probes


Emptying kit



Some drainers are fitted with a vacuum gauge for checking suction power. To activate, the air pressure must be 6.5 - 7 bar (activation time from 2-3.5 minutes) The optional transparent prechamber has an 8 litre capacity with a level indicator.
The 2mtr suction hose has a probe connection. Waste oil suction speed is 1.5-2 litres/min (oil 70-80°C with 6mm probe)
Comes equipped with a 2mtr hose for draining the tank with air.

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