Raasm Series 1140-AB 1.1/4″ 200 l/min Aluminium Diaphragm Pumps

These diaphragm pumps made of die-cast aluminium ensure lasting and reliable operation pumping a wide range of fluids, including high viscosities and containing suspended solids.  They can also be used for heavy applications in places with high humidity or a potentially explosive atmosphere due to being ATEX certified.


* With a PTFE membrane the flow rate is 10% lower

** Displacement per cycle may be influenced by suction lift, fluid viscosity, air pressure or number of cycles per minute

*** The materials in contact with the fluid can restrict the pump working temperature

Series 1140-AB
Membranes Balls Seats Part No.
EPDM Acetal Acetal 3C1/30111EAA
Hytrel® Hytrel® Hytrel® 3C1/30111HHH
NBR Hytrel® Hytrel® 3C1/30111NHH
Santoprene™ Santoprene™ Santoprene™ 3C1/30111SSS
PTFE + Hytrel® PTFE Polypropylene 3C1/30111TTP
Maximum pressure 8 bar
Maximum cycles 260 cpm
Litres per cycle ** 0.800 litres
Maximum suction lift dry column – 5mtr / wet column – 7.5mtr
Maximum size pumpable solids 3mm
Maximum working temperature *** 100ºC
Noise level 75 dB
Maximum air consumption 1.80 m³/min
Air working pressure 2-6 bar
Air inlet connection F ¾” G BSP
Air outlet connection (muffler) F 1″ G BSP
Fluid inlet connection F 1.¼” G BSP
Fluid outlet connection F 1.¼” G BSP
Overall dimensions (A x B x C x D x E) 286 x 238 x 386 x 199 x 137mm
Screws for pump fixing M10
Packing / Weight 1 box – 0.03m³ / 15kg

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