Raasm Automatic Hose Guides in Stainless Steel

The new automatic hose guides guarantee correct alignment of the hose on the drum, therefore preventing incorrect rewinding and the potential for reels getting jammed.

  • Designed to move independently while rewinding the hose.
  • Equipped with rollers that can be adjusted to the size of hose being used.
  • Easy to fit on new and existing installations.


  • Please note – when automatic hose guides are fitted the hose reel is not suitable for installations in potentially explosive environments.
Part RL79/44312 RL79/45312 RL79/45401 RL79/45412 RL79/45601 RL79/45612
Suitable for hose reel 430 series 530 series 540 series 540 series 560 series 560 series
Material AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Size of hose ≤ ½” ½” ¾” – 1″ ½” ¾” – 1″ ½”
Packing 1 box – 0.02m³
Weight 4.4kg

Dimensions A-D


Dimensions E-F


Dimensions Chart


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