How do you fill or top-up the new diesel cars which are fitted with AdBlue tanks?

The new Blue60 dispenser from Permex is a self-contained, automatic filling system for AdBlue. Just wheel it up to the vehicle, connect the nozzle and the vehicle tank will be filled in minutes.

The electronic nozzle detects the AdBlue tank and won’t fill unless it is correctly inserted so you can’t fill the Diesel tank by mistake. The shut-off is instant as soon as the tank is full and unlike some nozzles it works even when the flow rate is just a trickle. Just as cars can be a problem to fill at high flow rates because of the shape of the fill pipe, AdBlue tanks can have different fill rates. The Blue60 control system automatically detects problems and adjusts the flow rate to suit the car ensuring that the job is finished as quickly and safely as possible.

Operating from a 60 litre on-board container which can be refilled from bulk 205 drums or IBCs which means the cost of your AdBlue is much less than buying in bottles. In addition you don’t have the issue of disposing of the empty bottles.

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(AdBlue is a trademark of the VDA and is the commonly used term for a Urea solution used in vehicles fitted with a SCR emission reduction system. It is also known as DEF and AUS32)